Why PPC and Why You

I want to start with a little fact that carries some really big weight. On average, for every $200K that you earn online, consumes around $40K in advertising costs. Most of that $40K will be going towards PPC campaigns. Can it be done without ever spending a cent on advertising? Yes, BUT, if you can supercharge your success and see it far quicker through investing portions of your revenue, back into a nice beautiful PPC campaign, then why not? There are tons and tons of companies, products, and affiliates out there that want you to believe that their product or system will eliminate your need to ever spend a cent, to earn a buck. I just think that is a poisonous line of thinking. Friends, if you want to be in the big leagues, you need to start buying your exposure, in addition to all of your other efforts. I hope that you full understand that PPC is a very solid promotional source for you to learn, which generates traffic to your website, and is typically a cost effective measure.

You should first try your best to absorb all of the pros and cons of PPC. This means you should familiarize yourself with the concepts, and techniques of PPC, so that you will fully understand what it can do for your business, and how it is best implemented. A PPC campaign should be optimized using the most relevant keywords, the most potent imagery, the perfect color combinations, and placed in the most highly exposed location in a precisely targeted way.

PPC campaigns are highly useful, seriously effective, and allow for precise targeting; but they are most effective, after a solid due-diligence effort has been performed in regards to WHAT works best, and where to launch and implement the campaign. This can be done through market research, or by searching through any search engine. Conduct market research on PPC publishing, and on the existing efforts being executed by your competition. This will let you know who the leading players are and how you are able to best position yourself. In anything, standing out is typically good for you, ESPECIALLY in advertising. You want to make sure you are conforming to the methods that are most effective, while still being recognizably different. You should also use multiple versions of a specific campaign, and then drop the worst performers, and increase efforts on the best performer(s). Testing new, and unheard of methods is very wise as well, everything evolves, and it may be you who sparks the next evolution of advertising in your product or service arena.

You should not attempt to get the customer to think that your product or service is the only one existing in the market. Believe it or not, voluntarily informing your audience about the existence of other competitors can really work to your advantage. If you speak about the competition briefly, you will actually stop a high percentage of potential customers from shopping you, because you have essentially done that for them. Do not bash the competition, just acknowledge them as existing.

It is also imperative, to ALWAYS be one hundred percent truthful about your product. Create and design an attractive PPC campaign using the your full arsenal of advertising and marketing knowledge. In case you do not have the time, the ability, or the interest in extending the effort to create a PPC campaign, then seek a professional. All that matters is that it is visually addicting, and makes the seeker of information highly desire to click your advertisement. Give just enough information to the audience, to ensure they want to know more, but not so much that they feel comfortable enough to make a yes or no decision, that should come after the point of being invested with the full constellation of details you are providing on your web site.

As always, I want to extend my full appreciation to you. Not only that you shared your time with me, but you spent it to improve yourself, and increase your level of success. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share with you.

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