Claiming Your Blog on Technorati

If you are a business blogger, or blogging for a non-profit, you are going to want to claim your blog at But why? Technorati is a search engine for blogs. The main reason you would want to “claim your blog” is because your it will get additional internet visibility and traffic from Technorati’s registry. During the blog claiming process you enter tags, a description of your blog, and your own personal profile so that your blog can be found easily by people doing a search for your particular theme or topic.

Be aware that claiming your blog does not produce immediate results. It could take up to six months before your blog sees   backlinks  from Technorati. You’ll need to exercise some patience before seeing the attention your blog deserves.

You can create a free account in Once your account is set up, log into your blog. Then go back to Technorati and click the “Claim your Blog” link. Enter in your blog URL and follow Technorati’s steps.

Technorati will give you a short code which you need to place in a new blog post. After that…it’s a waiting game. Technorati will inform you, via email, whether or not your blog has been verified. If your blog is not claimed, don’t feel badly. Technorati has a reputation of not being able to verify blogs. I suppose that with over 150 million blogs worldwide, Technorati should be forgiven if a few seem to slip away from them.

I came across two suggestions to overcome this problem. Either delete your original attempt to claim your blog and begin again, or contact Technorati directly to find out exactly what needs to happen to achieve a successful verification. Are there any techies reading this? Would love to hear from you!

Be alert to other ways to promote your blog. Make sure you post your latest and greatest article links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Ask your friends to read your blog articles, write comments, and share with their friends. Don’t forget to add your blog address to your business card, and also add it to your email signature. Your blog address is as important as your website and email address so use it as often as you can.

What have been your Technorati experiences?

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