Guaranteed Top Ranking On The Search Engines – 3 Tips

There are many webmasters out there on the net today looking to get guaranteed top ranking on the search engines. You may be one of them since you clicked on the title of this article. Lets be honest, every webmaster wants to be on the first page of all the search engines right? So how do you achieve this? Below I will give you some tips for you to achieve this. What you need to do is take action immediately. Once you get involved in the process you will as the weeks go by see an increase in the rankings of your web pages.

Now bare in mind that not all of the search engines use the same algorithm. Google is the search engine that everyone wants to optimize their sites on since it gets the most traffic. However, yahoo MSN, all the web etc are following in the footsteps of Google by using similar algorithms. By following these simple steps, you should in time see your pages climb the ranks.

1. First off, try your best at registering a domain name with your top keywords in it. You want your keywords that you want to rank for in the actual domain. This is not going to make or break your SEO rankings, but it will help with the search engines to identify more exactly about your website and its related pages. Having your keywords in the domain name increases the chances of the search engines favoring your website of the other websites.

2. With regards to onpage optimization, you need to insert your keywords you are optimizing your web pages for within the title of the page, header tags, anchor text etc. Its also important to use themed words related to your page. For example if you are targeting the word golf, use related themed words like, golf equipment, golf holidays, golf clubs, golf players etc. This helps the search engines identify what your pages are about exactly and also having them themed will attract visitors from other search queries.

3. Lastly, for off page optimization you need to think about building a lot of quality one way   backlinks  to your pages on your website. This is the most important aspect of SEO. The more quality  backlinks  you have for your site, the better chance you have of climbing the ranks for the keywords you are trying to target. This really is the competitive edge needed to win against the competition. Submit the pages of your site to directories, post on forums with a link back to a particular page, write informative content and submit to article directories to gain links back to your site. Bare in mind, these also lead to other forms of traffic generation, so you win on both counts!

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