PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make money using  PPC  (Pay Per Click) Marketing or even SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing but you never could find a good affiliate membership program to join?

First off I want to explain a little bit more about what  PPC  Marketing is. As you should already know,  PPC  stands for “pay per click”, which obviously means you’ll have to pay some sort of amount usually around .05¢ to .50¢ per click. Now where will people be clicking? If you go to Google right now and just type in something like “soccer”. Once you search “soccer” sponsored links should show up a couple places on the page. Sponsored links are usually located on the right side of the page, and sometimes can be located at the top most center part of the page. The links are there because people paid Google AdWords to put the ad they created up there.

If you go to Google AdWords right now and sign up you can make your first campaign in a matter of 30 minutes. Now you might be wondering if you need a product, or a website to promote. The answer is no. You can advertise other peoples products without having a website or a product. Sites like Clickbank, and CJ.com are great affiliate resources for that. Basically you sign up and then get an affiliate link that you try to promote.  Once you learn how to promote; then you’ll start seeing some money roll in.

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