Traffic Building Myths Part 2 – More Myths

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Traffic building is such a foundational area of online work that it is so easy for scammers to dupe people into buying things like guaranteed traffic or safelist traffic. The bottom line is, that stuff does not work, and yet people are so desperate for traffic that they will try just about anything – and that is not always such a good thing.

So what are some of the other myths about online traffic?

  PPC  traffic is good traffic. It depends on what you think of as good traffic. If you need traffic to test with, great, use  PPC . But if you really want to make money off the clicks, you will have to do a lot of testing to make it profitable. If you have been online for less than one year and are unwilling to spend more than $500 per month on  PPC ,  PPC  is probably not for you.  PPC  costs money to test and if you are just getting started, that is the wrong place to put your money.  PPC  traffic will just drive you out of business online unless you have deep pockets and are prepared to lose a lot in the learning process. MY feeling is that you should find things that work and then do more of them.

It is worth your time to use tricks to monetize traffic exchange or safelist traffic. Sure, you can monetize it, but why? All the time spent would be better spent writing articles or cruising online forums. This is one of the worst traffic scams of all because not only are you taken in by them, but they eat up a lot of your precious time online, before you figure out on your own that they do not work.

So what are good sources of traffic? Some of my favorite are article writing and submission, list building (yes, your own traffic counts!), and online forum posting (be careful- build relationships first).

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