Create Your Own Quality Backlinks For High Google Rankings

If you have done any research on how to rank highly in Google you’ll have come to two conclusions. The first is that content is King, the more unique content your site has, the more Google loves your site will receive. The 2nd is pretty simple; if your website is worth ranking high in Google then there will be plenty of sites freely linking to you.

Getting  backlinks  can be some hard work, lots of emailing, submitting, hunting and lots of coffee. I’ve found a great way to create a quality  backlinks  to your site without must of the headaches in getting normal back links.

What I do to create instant  backlinks  is pretty simple; it does require some work though. With my website looking great and having loads of content, I open 3-4 blogs on free blog hosting websites like Blogspot, WordPress and a few others. Each blog focuses on a different niche of my niche. I usually type up 2-3 articles for each, ranging from 250-500 words. I then add a link from each blog to my website I’m trying to promote. At this point, do not link the new blogs together. Submit each blog to your favorite blog pinger, submit to Google, MSN, and Yahoo. There are 3-4 instant good links, the bonus to this method is sometimes all my blogs plus my site will rank highly for my keywords. So if done correctly, I have 2-3 sites in Google that all belong to me and promote my business or affiliate programs.

You’ve probably also heard about all these Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, Facebook, Hubpages and a few others. If you are ambitious create a semi-unique site on each property and link to your main site and your three blogs. These Web 2.0 properties can all interlink to provide juice to each other and then to your blogs and main site. Just keep adding layers, links and most importantly unique content to all your sites. Within no time you will see a dramatic increase in your Google rankings, traffic and the end goal: sales.

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