Google Adwords – When Should You Use Adwords or Other PPC

Google AdWords can be an extremely useful tool in creating targeted traffic to your web site. Until recently, I have stayed very far away from AdWords because I ran a small campaign, got bad results, and decided instead to go with something that for me was very profitable – and still is – article marketing. But I have decided to give AdWords a shake again.

I have studied one of the offline books on how to make AdWords convert and have decided that I can spend some money this month on Google AdWords and test it to see if I can make it profitable.

Now, the difference between this time and the last time I tried AdWords was that I was only willing to spend $100 the first time, which by the way, is all I recommend you spend with AdWords if you are not yet profitable online. But I am now, and I was not 6 months ago, so I can now afford to spend the money to test it and make it work.

So I guess for me the bottom line is: if you are not making money, you really don’t have any business with Adwords, because you cannot afford to run big tests – and you cannot really test without a few hundred hits per test – and you really should be able to run 5 – 10 tests just to get started – so really if you are not simply reinvesting profits, you do not really belong in the AdWords game.

My advice? If you made less than $5000 last month, you should be article marketing. If you made more than $5000 last month, you can try out Adwords.

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