Viral Marketing for Success

One of the ways to advertise your web sites, blogs

and/or products is with viral marketing. Viral

marketing is a newer concept becoming widely

accepted and is usually defined as a free way to

create a buzz about your business through word of

mouth. Today, there are many ways to jumpstart your

web site or product, here are some tips.

For many people it can be very difficult and expensive

to get the word out on their domain, blog, AdSense site

or product. One of the most resourceful ways is through

viral marketing. Viral marketing can work wonders for

you, but it can be difficult to implement.

One of the easiest ways to start a viral market campaign

is to give away something for free that includes your

advertisement. Giving away articles are a great and

affordable way to add the kind of buzz that brings in

extra traffic.

You can easily create an article that includes your author

name and web site link. Many web developers then add

these articles to article distribution sites which let

thousands of people download articles with your links

intact. As other web developers post your article on their

site, you get free word of mouth advertising from possibly

thousands of visitors each day. You also get the very

important effect of multiple “one-way”   backlinks , all

pointing to your site.

Another way to start a viral campaign is to give away

a free computer script or software. You can easily

create (or have created) a script or application which

can be downloaded via or other well

received web sites. These sites can share your script

with thousands of people easily and quickly. Because

viral marketing uses others to spread the word, viral

marketing is not very labor intensive after initial

creation of your giveaway. If your product or article

is good, you can receive lots of sales through this


This is absolutely one of the best and most efficient

strategies to gain more popularity for your business

and drive tons of traffic in your direction. The only

warning I feel should be mentioned is that you should

make completely sure that your Viral Marketing

Giveaway is in perfect shape before you release it.

Once Viral Marketing starts to hit Momentum, you

could not stop the effects of it even if you wanted to.

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