PPC Advertising Warnings

There are a few things you should keep in mind, both before embarking on a  PPC  campaign and in order to keep your campaign going strong. First, make sure your  PPC  campaigns each have a unique “destination page.” In other words, the page to which the person who clicks on your ad is directed ought to cater to the particular search words they used.

For example, if your business sells incontinence supplies and ostomy supplies, you should design a destination page for people searching for “incontinence supplies” and one for people searching for “ostomy supplies.” Also make sure you create a page for people searching for “incontinence and ostomy supplies.” That way, your page is catered to the particular needs of each searcher.

Remember that you may not hit on the best combination of words in your  PPC  campaigns right off the bat. It’s a good idea to periodically change up the arrangement of words and then monitor how your rate of clicks changes. If you get more clicks, then you’ve made a good choice. Also take note of your conversion rate: Did more people actually buy from your site? If so, it could mean that your chosen words appeal to a more focused buyer. Good choice!

Your campaigns should contain “action words.” That is, you should entice people to want to click on your ad so they can “learn more” or “join now,” for example. This type of phrase will spark curiosity in people and they will be much more likely to click your ad to see what lies beyond.

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