How to Optimize Your Site With Search Engine and Get Thousands of Visitors Day and Night

The best and the easy way to drive unlimited traffic to your website is still search engine optimization.

Search engine drives visitors in two way basically:

  1. One is called   organic  that is yet free.
  2. Another is pay per click or PPC. For that you will have to pay search engine for per click from the visitors.

We will discuss here the  organic   search  engine optimization that is free and that is the easiest and best way to drive visitors.

The three main steps of  organic   search  engine optimization (SEO):

  1. Step one: Title Tag
    The first step is writing title tag. It is the title of a website. Search engines gives top priority to the title tag. To write it effectively you will have to think by what words people may search to get a website like yours. For example you sell travelling tickets. You rate is very attractive. Your office is in London. You can write a title like The cheapest air travel ticket in London, United Kingdom.
  2. Step two: Meta Keywords
    The keywords are the words or words phrase by which people search in the internet. You will have to research on the words what people search to get a website like yours. Based on the above examples your keywords may be: cheapest air ticket, air ticket in London, air ticket in united kingdom, etc.
  3. Step three: Meta description
    When people search in the internet they get many results. Every results shows a title and a small description of the website. It is important because people read it and try to match his requirement to click to that website. So you will have to write it in a way so that visitors get interest to visit your website. Based on the example above the description will be like: If you want the cheapest air ticket within your budget in London, United kingdom then we have the best suitable package for you. Don’t take a decision of buying ticket without visiting our website.

So once you wrote the title, keyword and description you are on your way to get visitors from search engine. However it will not come overnight. It will take some time up to one month to start getting the result.

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