Generating Sales Leads, Increasing Web Traffic and Maximizing Online Sales

It used to be that when you needed to search for a local plumber or a pet food store, you would turn to the phone company’s Yellow Pages. If you needed to buy a new TV set or a kitchen table, you’d reach for the newspaper, go into your local electronics store and choose from whatever limited selection they had.

The Internet changes everything.

The world as we knew it circa 1993 is no more. Today we live in a world that thrives on information and communication, shopping and social networking.

On the Web, people are constantly searching. There is so much information out there that you need help finding what you are looking for. And the companies that knew how integral search would be to life online became known as Google and Yahoo.

Being right there when the customer is searching for you or your product practically guarantees you’ll increase your sales volume significantly.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: You could do it yourself, but why would you want to?

Mastering Google AdWords and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs requires endless hours of testing and tracking, bidding and budgeting, research and analysis. Knowing how to manage your PPC campaign while constantly staying on top of it requires a great deal of time and experience, patience and persistence.

The PPC market is extremely competitive, and keywords fetch as much as $30 per click! “Who would pay $30 a click?” you ask yourself as you ponder the viability of getting into this ruthlessly competitive environment.

Well, people do. And they make a lot of money despite the high cost of their clicks. Because it’s not in the number of clicks you get or in the dollar amount that you bid.

The key to your success in Pay-Per-Click marketing and advertising is achieving a maximum Return On Investment (ROI.)

That means you have to find the right balance between keyword bids, search-engine ranking and clicks. Do you really want to sit around for hours every day, monitoring the game as your competitors try to outsmart each other?

You need a professional Search Engine Marketer (SEM) to direct and manage your online ad campaign. Someone who is accountable for the performance of your advertising dollars, who is experienced enough to utilize all the proven techniques to optimize your site and your campaign.

Paid Search: Whoever said Web traffic is free? []

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