Building Back Links Is A Crucial Factor For A Website

Building back links is a crucial factor for a website, to augment its popularity among searchengines.

Google is the first search engine to rate links to website as votes. The links gotten should also be relevant to the content of the website. The popularity of a site otherwise called as “Page Rank” is decided upon the quantity and quality of the back links. The keywords used in the hyperlinks (anchored text) are

crucial in deciding the position of a website in SERP, apart from On-page optimization.

Now the important question before us is “how to build   backlinks .” Don’t ever think of participating in ‘Link Farms’ for building back links. This is a black hat technique, solely created for the purpose of building  backlinks .

So what is the next step? Is it ‘reciprocal linking.’ The links gotten from other sites should be relevant to our content. In addition to this, there is no surety that they will keep our links.

Google and other search engines would actually want ‘natural links’ to sites. The content has to be relevant to the ‘searched keywords.’

The big question in front of us now is: how to gain ‘natural links.’ Websites, will themselves come forward and link to us if we have quality content displayed in our website. This is called ‘link bait’ technique. Syndicate your content in form of an article, the best places to submit your articles are EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare, and others.

Apart from ‘link bait,’ the others techniques to build quality  backlinks  are DMOZ and other directories. Submit your website to ‘social bookmarking’ sites like Digg,Furl,, searchles etc. There are many ways to make people notice your site without having to pay anything.

“Craiglist” is a free classified service, submit your site here and reap the benefits. Participate in ‘Google groups’ and ‘Yahoo answers,’ try to help people out rather than indulging in indulging yourselves in blatant self promotion, and cooly list your website.

Create pages in “Wikipedia,” use this technique with caution, don’t introduce promotional methods while setting up your page, or your page will be removed from the Wikipedia. Don’t let people know that you are promoting your site through “Wikipedia.” Make use of and, create a nice resource and include a link to your site.

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