3 Tips On How To Use Classified Ads To Sell Internet Marketing Services To Local Businesses

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The use of classified ads can maximize your return on the effort you put into selling Internet Marketing Services to Local Businesses. Offline, classified ads are inexpensive, and online they are mostly free. Even local newspapers and Penny Savers often have an online classified sections and you can get free advertising on them. There are some tricks to using classified ads to their maximum potential. These tips include, strong headlines, call-to-action, and testing.

Strong headlines are essential. These headlines will determine whether or not your reader will continue to read or move on to the next ad. Using ‘controversial headlines’ often is considered to be the most effective way to engage the reader. The other option to controversy is to use something ludicrous. An example of a controversial headline would be “Voluptious Women Use Videos To Promote Your Business,” whereas a ludicrous headline would be along the lines of “Daffy Duck Says Your Website Stinks.” The key is to use a lot of different headlines and test the process. See what works and what doesn’t.

The next important tip in the classified is the ‘call-to-action.” By this, you want the reader to “do” something to get more information, so you direct them to a web site, or a pre-recorded phone message or a live phone call directly to you. You should use all 3 types of ‘call to action’ again, to test and find out what’s working in your market and what isn’t.

Finally, track, track, track. Maintain a spreadsheet listing all your different headlines and all of your calls to action. When someone opts in to your mailing list, mark it, when they call your pre-recorded message and follow the instructions, such as leaving a name and telephone number, mark it, and when they call you personally on the phone, mark it. Over a very short period of time, you will come to see what techniques are the best responded to and then you can choose whether or not to continue with the others.

Using classified ads are one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to promote your services. Classified ad services like US Free Ads and Craigs List are great online sites because they get a lot of weight from the search engines which is great for your backlinks, and they also get a lot of traffic. Don’t neglect your local papers classified ads, and be sure to place in any of the local paper online free classifieds.

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