Building A Directory: 3 Steps To Success

New directories are proliferating on the Internet. As many as 200 free directories come on-line every month.

Most fail. Not only that, but some SEO experts predict that Google and other search engines may penalize links from directories in much the same way they deprecated link farms awhile back.

Not to worry.

As a directory owner, there are three ways to make sure your new link directory is a success:

  1. First, specialize. There are so many other general directories out there with high PageRank that it will be difficult for you to compete unless you target a niche. If you’re interested in cars, build an automobile directory. If you’re a work-at-home mom, build a WAHM directory.
  2. Next, add benefit to your directory above and beyond giving your site visitor a link, whether the directory you’re building is paid, reciprocal, or free. This benefit serves two purposes, whatever it is you decide it will be. First, this benefit will give you material to fill the top half or more of your directory web pages with content other than links. Secondly, this benefit will keep humans coming back to your site long after they submit their links. More human visitors means more money, whether from   PPC  ads, affiliate sales, or paid links on your other directories.
  3. Build your own directory’s PR like you would any other site: Register your site with the search engines, submit the RSS feeds for syndication, build back links by submitting your directory to high-PR directories and other sites related to your niche. Bookmark your pages on social bookmarking sites and encourage your site visitors to do so as well. Write articles like this one for article directories, and consider a  PPC  campaign.

But most importantly, fill your directory with quality content. “Content is King,” the saying goes. If you give site visitors a reason to come to your directory besides getting a link back to their own site by offering some benefit and fresh, quality content, your directory will survive any changes made in the search engine algorithms.

Moreover, you’ll build a web site that produces revenue for years to come.

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