Video Gets More Money Than Anything – Period

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. For any website to be successful, it must have regular targeted traffic. Without visitors coming to the website, all your efforts will be lost.

Question: How do you get targeted traffic to your website WITHOUT competing with the big boys   backlinks ?

Answer: By using VIDEO!

So Why Use Video?

Did you know that Google rank video as one of the best ways to appear on the coveted first page of their search engine? If you do search in Google for “How to do something” i.e.”How to bake a cake” for example, the top 5 results will include a section called “Video Results for…” Try it for yourself and you’ll be amazed at what videos are being listed in this highly competitive area on page one.

There must be a reason they are so high up. They must have thousands of quality, relevant  backlinks , right?

Wrong! If you do a  backlink  analysis using Yahoo, you will see that these videos have an incredible, wait for it….9 LINKS!! (To use Yahoo  backlink  checker simply type “link:” before the domain name you want to analyse)

The No.1 company for that search term has a thousand  backlinks , but the video, only 3 places down, has only 9  backlinks , which is easily achievable for anybody.

Can you now see the power of using video for your website marketing.

But How Do I Make A Video?

You don’t need any fancy, expensive equipment. A standard computer or laptop, a $20 Logitech microphone headset and Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote is all you need to make your video. If you decide to star in your video then use a cheap web cam and record directly into YouTube, and you’re done! It’s really that easy to start using video.

Video is set to take over the Internet in the not too distant future, so start now. Amazon are using video on their product pages. Do a search for “amazon kindle” and see for yourself how powerful, but simple video is.

So stop wasting your efforts on writing articles (can’t believe I’m writing this one!), optimising and re-optimising your web pages and…

Start using video. Period.

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