Niche Check – A Guide to Higher Rankings and More Website Traffic

Articles, like people, are not created equally. Keeping this in mind is important, especially when you want to utilize the process of article marketing in order to improve your   SEO  efforts.

The people working at Google are smart. They have a way of checking to see which links matter and which do not. You will still enjoy the benefits of back-links from unrelated websites and articles.

Targeting a particular niche of people is something you can do in order to place higher on Google’s rankings. The proper anchor text in links, along with a search engine optimized ( SEO ) website geared toward your niche keywords, will be a great help to achieving this.

To further help, here is a list of three checks you can easily do to ensure maximum profit with  SEO  utilizing article marketing:

1. Check to see if your articles are within your chosen niche topics. Write articles that matter to your niche, and contain the keywords associated with your niche. This way, Google will recognize your website/s and article/s as containing relevant content.

2. Check if your resource box contains your chosen niche’s target keyword. Make sure these keywords are the ones that are relevant for your website, as Google cannot rank you for every keyword contained. Good primary keywords will have low competition, which will translate to a lot of traffic.

If your keywords have a lot of competition, it simply means that you will have to outdo them via a longer term link building process and a longer term marketing strategy.

3. Check if your website is already  SEO  optimized for your niche keywords and primary keywords. A focused website is important.

The people at Google appreciate focus. Having a website that knows its niche keywords and target keywords is the best way to be appreciated and to dominate your chosen niche.

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