Search Engine Submission – A Complete Waste of Time?

There are a lot of things you need to do when optimizing a website for search engines: research keywords, optimize the content, build links, monitor your rankings, and so on. But there are also things that are not worth doing simply because they don’t bring any results. Search engine submission is one of such useless  SEO  tasks website promoters seem to be doing on a regular basis.

All the major search engines including Google, Yahoo! and MSN have special forms where webmasters can submit new sites for inclusion into the search engine index. These forms do not in any way guarantee that your website will be included into the search results, needless to say submitting to them won’t help you achieve higher search engine rankings. However there are tons of  SEO  companies and services of all sorts and fashions that will offer you to submit your website to hundreds of search engines for a fee. Moreover there are webmasters who actually fall for this scam and waste their money on this useless service. It’s not that these companies won’t do what they promise; it’s just the fact that what they do won’t benefit you in any way.

Even if submitting to search engines was helpful there would still be just a handful of engines you should care submitting to: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask and maybe a couple of regional ones. They all have free forms with only a couple of lines to fill and you can submit your site yourself in a couple of minutes. There’s not much sense in doing it however.

You can get your website indexed by all the major search engines much faster by simply getting a link from a website that is already an established authority in the search results. Simply find a website related to your niche and get a link from it. The best option is to find a website that is often updated and therefore often crawled by the search engine bots. Do you know of a popular blog in your niche that allows do follow comments? Simply post a comment there and you’ll get your website crawled and indexed within a couple of hours or so plus you’ll get some link juice. You can submit your website to social bookmarking sites and again it’ll be much better than submitting to the search engines, not to mention paying someone to do this.

Are you planning to optimize your website and get it rank well for your targeted keywords? If yes, you’ll need to build links to it anyway. So start doing it and your website will be indexed and what’s more important ranked by the search engines with no search engine submission whatsoever.

Beware of the companies offering search engine submission services. It’s nothing more than your money down the drain. If you’re really want to get your website rank high and enjoy good search engine traffic you’d better focus on  SEO  and link building as an alternative to search engine submission.

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