Google Caffeine – A Guide For Beginners

Google explains Caffeine as a new generation design for search as it is the first step towards escalating speed of indexing and accuracy. The   SEO  world has been impatient and is striving to know how it will affect their ranking as Caffeine is not just an update, but the algorithms of Google searches have been refurbished.

This means it is very important in the digital marketing to track to the success of interactive advertising campaign and on SERP’s of Caffeine as well. This needs to be done as this helps you comprehend what the algorithm of Caffeine focuses and adjusts your optimization efforts. This simply means playing between a plethora of keywords. To make things simpler, we have listed down a few observations about Google Caffeine:


Results are fetched relatively faster in new one as compared to the usual old search. It takes about 0.13 seconds to fetch results for the key phrase “ SEO  Blog” in Caffeine where as the old does the same search in 0.33 seconds. This is approximately consistent for all the searches done.

Index Size

The index size differs from keyword to keyword and the result is therefore still inconclusive.

Freshness of search results

There is not much difference between the freshness of the results in the two kinds of searches, namely normal Google search and Google Caffeine search. When you type in current events in the search box, both the versions pull up the latest news.

Video/Image results

Some of the search terms do no fetch many video results while some bring more video results. However, during the image search, the images that appear in top searches of old Google, those disappear completely during Google Caffeine search.

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