What The Heck Does That Mean?

If you have a website or write for one you should know what SEO is. It is search engine optimization and basically it means that what you put on your site should be relevant and true enough that search engines like Google will like your site and list it on page one of a search. Sounds easy enough, right?

Is that it? Of course not. Here then are some other commonly used words and phrases and what they mean to your website.

Anchor text is the text that works a link. That is to say it is important in the realm of SEO because you need relevant keywords that are used as anchor text to link back to your site. If, for example your website is about puppies, you want ‘puppies’ to be your anchor text, not something like ‘swimming pools’ which will be completely irrelevant.

What is a backlink? It is a link on another website that points back to your site. You can improve the rankings of your site by having a lot of backlinks with relevant anchor texts. What search engines are looking for is the credibility and relevance of any given site, if you have a lot of that with backlinks and anchor texts you are on your way to a great ranking.

You may have heard the term domain name before and all it is is the unique address on the internet that is solely for your site.

Duplicate content may be a good way of adding more pages to your site, but it is frowned upon by search engines. If you have two or more pages with the exact same or even similar content it is bad news for your rankings. Search engines want unique content on each page and for each page to follow the rules regarding keywords.

Which brings us to what are keywords? Do they have to be a single word? No, in fact, keywords can be either a single word or a phrase of SEO importance. Think what you want people to search for in order to find your site. If your site is about puppies then puppies is what you want them to search for. Variations on puppies can work too, just don’t go too far afield.

At the end of the day, search engines are looking for quality pages with good content that is relevant to the site itself. Keep them happy and you’ll rank well.

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