SEO Comes First and Content Is King: Two Basic Principles of Modern SEO

Content is king. SEO comes first. If you learn nothing else about online marketing, remember those two basic principles. The content you place on your website and the effort you put out on search engine optimization will determine how successful you are with online marketing.

If you have any type of online business or want to advertise online for more business to brick and mortar business, you cannot afford to forget either of these two things.

Content is King

When someone goes to a search engine and types in a phrase, they are looking for valuable information or perhaps a good product to solve a pressing problem. They don’t want to read gibberish that makes no sense and they don’t want to purchase a product that doesn’t work. They don’t’ want to be suckered into scams.

These searchers depend on the search engines to deliver high quality websites that feature the information and products they need to find. If they don’t get the results they want from one search engine or they find too much spam through one search engine, they will simply start using another one.

That’s bad business for the search engines. They consider searchers their customers just as you consider visitors to your website potential customers. If you aren’t delivering the high quality content that those searchers want to find, the search engines will stop recommending you to their customers. That’s bad for your business.

SEO Comes First

SEO and content actually work hand-in-hand. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if you aren’t using proper SEO to draw visitors into the site to take advantage of it. Similarly, the perfect search engine optimization campaign will fall flat if your content is not up to par.

You need SEO to draw traffic into your website and then you need high quality content to actually keep them on your site for awhile. SEO brings in the customers while content keeps them coming back for more and recommending your site to friends and relatives. You need both of these things working together to be successful online today.

While they do work together and you can’t be successful without either of these things, you need to start thinking about SEO before you actually start putting content onto the site and putting your marketing strategy into place.

SEO should be the very first thing you tackle when you decide to launch a new website or blog. This is because every aspect of designing the site and filling it with valuable content will depend on your SEO plan and chosen keywords.

For instance, you will need to choose your URL name in relation to your keywords. You want visitors to know exactly what your site has to offer from the URL, but you also want the search engines to get an idea of what you are all about from the URL. This requires just the perfect URL name incorporating some of your most important keywords.

Since your URL name is one of the first things you decide on when setting up a website, you need to start keyword research for your SEO campaign before you even purchase your domain name. That’s why it is said that SEO should come first.

Content is king. SEO comes first. You can’t be successful without the happy marriage of them both.

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