Google Panda – How To Tame The Beast

 SEO  has been the buzzword for many years when it comes to websites. Yet, with the release of the latest algorithm from Google, there’s a growing concern that companies will have to resort to different and unique methods when it comes to search engine optimization and Content management for their websites and deal with this new algorithm from Google called the Google Panda Update.

Wikipedia states that “Google Panda appears to impact an entire site’s ranking or specific section, rather than just the individual pages on a site”. Basically what it means in simple words is that “Google Panda is an update on steroids and is much smarter and meaner than the previous algorithms.”

So how exactly will this update affect your website? Well, according to a leading  SEO  and Content Writing service provider based in India “This new update will force companies to think up new strategies in terms of search engine optimization and content, so a lot of the old techniques will be rendered redundant”.

Basically you have to make sure that there is no….

• No Duplicate Content

This is applicable for webmasters who thrive on duplicate content and are known for plagiarism. While earlier this technique seemed to work, the recently updated algorithm makes sure that the sites that were thriving on keywords and duplicate content, no longer end up on the first page of Google. Also keep in mind that you provide your visitors with…

• Only Quality Content

If you have been writing quality content for your website or blog and still not making to the top of the search results on Google in spite of a dedicated readership, it’s time to rejoice. Google Panda has been designed to seek out websites which offer a rich user experience and quality content. So, if you have been struggling to get a good ranking in spite of quality, now you won’t. But then, only putting in quality content alone won’t help, you also have to…

• Increase The Overall User Experience

If your website takes a lot of time to open and your users have been making repeated complaints…. It’s time you started paying attention. Google Panda is smart enough to find out if users will have issues with your website regarding performance. It’s time you fixed the insanely long loading times for your website and offered them something that will have them returning to your website again and again… trust me if you do that Google Panda will bless you for that.

Ever since Google Panda was released, heads have rolled. Since Google Panda has forced the entire online fraternity to rethink their strategies and come up with new and innovative ideas. Google panda is a friend for companies working hard to make their website unique with quality and would definitely end up ranking high on the search engine giant. And a formidable foe for webmasters doing the exact opposite, so, if you want to make friends with this beast from Google… It’s time you stepped up your game.

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