The SEO Myth of Myths

It comes as no surprise to me when day after day I see all

the offers flying around about different methods of

promoting a product, website or selling information on the

Net. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and why not, the

Internet is a billion dollar opportunity within reach of

ones fingertips.

I have to admit, I myself have succumbed to all the hype and

fallen for the traps set by many of the scam artists. I’m

also on every gurus list out there that you could possibly

think of. It’s good to know and see what these guys and gals

are up to. After reviewing and even trying some of the

latest and greatest new programs, software and offerings, I

can honestly say that there are those gurus that I trust and

those that I don’t. The one thing that I wanted to touch on

in this article is:

* SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is where one basically tries to get their site ranked

higher in the search engines using various techniques so

that their site will show up on the first or at least the

second page for the searches performed by people using a

specific keyword or keyword phrase. There are so many

variables and techniques that it’s simply overwhelming for

the most part. Coupled with the fact that the search engines

are always changing what they look for as to how they rank a

site, doesn’t make it any easier to keep up with this rat


This brings me to a point that I want to mention as I

personally received an offer for getting a guaranteed high

ranking in the search engines from a so called, “reliable

source”. I’m not going to mention any names here as that

isn’t my point. You probably have or will eventually

encounter this same type of offer or something pretty close

and I want you to be at least on the lookout, educated and

prepared when you do.

The advertisement made the claim that by using this product

anyone could get ranked very high in the search engines,

usually within the top 10 search results which would be on

the first page. Now this is a pretty bold claim if I do say

so myself. Of course hearing something to that effect makes

it very hard for one NOT to purchase the report, e-book,

software or product that is being offered. I don’t know

anyone who owns a website that wouldn’t want to achieve one

of the top 10 search engine positions, myself included.

Now, here’s my point. If this is supposed to get a top 10

search engine ranking for anyone, and lets just say as an

example that 100 people grab this offer, doesn’t it stand to

reason that not all 100 people can be on the first search

page or in the top 10 for a search? Now I’m not a

mathematician and never have claimed to be one, as a matter

of fact, math was one of my weaker subjects in school. But,

I’m sure you can see that it doesn’t take one of Einstein’s

mathematical formulas to figure this one out either. There

are only 10 top spots, so what happens to the other 90

people? They have purchased this too right? What

exactly determines who or which ones would get a top 10

listing? Your guess is as good as mine and I honestly admit

that I don’t have a clue. I do know one thing for sure

though, this product can not do what it says for everyone

who purchases it, period.

There are a lot of different techniques, software and

programs out there and sure some are better than others, but

still no matter which one you use, there is bound to be many

many others using it too and I’m sure that number would be

in the 1000’s not the 100’s. So, which 10 or 20 are the

lucky ones who get what they paid for and which ones just

wasted their money on a false hope or dream? Most offers

also state that it’s fast, easy, simple, no skill required

you name it, but actually it does take some time, effort and

persistence to really be successful with the endeavor of

achieving a good search engine rank and position.

Yes, you can do a lot on your own with research and the

proper use of meta tags, site description, keywords, keyword

phrases, heading tags, ending tags, density of content etc

etc. That’s basically one of the best way to actually

improve your sites performance for little or no cost. There

are many good tools out there for doing research and lots of

them are free, so most of the time you don’t have to pay a

guru or someone else any out of pocket money to get what you

need to improve your sites ranking and visibility in the

search engines.

Don’t get me wrong now, I’m not saying that everything out

there is junk or not worth buying and using but, be very

careful about falling for the BIG hype statements that are

basically trying to suck the money out of your wallet before

you even have time to bat an eye or think about it……

Like they say, “if it sounds too good to be true, it

probably is”.

The truth is, quality links back to your site from already

higher ranking sites whose content is related to yours, are

the #1 best method for building a good page rank and

position in the search engines, but that’s another whole

ball game and story in itself.

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