Providing Best Secrets of SEO

Nowadays everyone is fighting for getting high rank page in search engine, but one website which have high traffic or have more hits get the first rank. So you have to regularly optimize your website and also sea other websites to make the contents of your website different from other and which are unique. So in this article we are providing following 10 secrets of SEO which helps you to get high search engine ranks.

1. Directories are used by people in which websites are listed, so the search engine gives importance to that directories. Now many directories are available which are free and some are paid directories. Free directories are made to exchange links, it is important to remember that if you have many links on webpages then search engine reduces the page rank on search engine result. In paid directory,you have to pay to make link submission in a directory. For this the page rank is high and there is more traffic for that directory.

2. Sponsored links are also provided by many search engine. By this you are get listing at the top of the result page by paying. Due to this the visitor sent to your website and you have to pay to each visitor, so traffic increases on your website in a very quick manner.

3. In article submission website submit your article. The articles which is written is of high quality,submit those articles to submission websites. You can get backlinks and traffic from submission website by making link in the article.

4. Links which you want to get are as many as possible.

5. Forums and online communities which are linked to your websites and also the services and product you provide, join them. In that forums and communities describe about your product specification, from there links are provided to your website. Also traffic increases by doing so.

6. To get high rank for your website make use of Television, media, newspaper etc to advertise your site.

7. You have make proper content for your website. Every time update the contents on web pages. The contents are rich in keywords, the key words are unique and also the content fulfills all the needs of the visitors.

8. By sending many emails to people with clickable link you get traffic on the site.

9. Sitemap helps many people to explore your website. this helps people to sea the details of your website [http://top-10-seo-list] more easily and effectively.

10. Burn feeds are displayed by you for your website, so if any changes or updates are made to your website the visitors can easily see this.

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