Why Original Content Is Important to SEO

Content Importance in  SEO 

“Why? I already have plenty of content on my site.” A common question many ask.

The answer! The primary reason is that search engines love to index new content. After all they are in the business of answering users queries on a number of topics. So the more input you can offer on a specific accounting topic the more highly ranked your site will be in regards to that topic. Here is an example. If you have a benefit plan audit practice then it is not enough to simply discuss the audit service you offer. To be ranked high in this area, you will also need to create articles and other materials that focus on the happenings in benefit plan industry. Think about the regulatory changes that may affect plan participants, or the rulings from the Department of Labor that will impact plan sponsors. An example might be the new disclosure rules for plan sponsors.

Duplicate Content &  SEO 

As you contemplate content development and enhancement there is something you should know. Duplicate content or content that is shared across several sites offers NO BENEFIT to your accounting firm  SEO  efforts. The reason for this is Google, Yahoo and Bing want to create the best user experience for those using their search engine. If your site has duplicate content then it tells the search engines that you did not develop the content yourself. This creates a problem for the search engines because they only want to credit the original author and not anyone else. So, the spider determines who initially published the copy and gives them the SEM/ SEO  benefits. Any other sites that have the duplicate content are ignored and receive low ranking with the search engines.

Impact on Your Firm’s Website

Audit your website and determine if the content is original or duplicate. There are several website development companies in the accounting marketing vertical that offer template website design. Typically these are companies that can quickly create a website for you with only a few clicks of the mouse. If you have one of these sites then carefully review the content on each page. Determine if it is “canned” content or if it was uniquely provided to you. If the content is duplicated on several other accounting firm websites then you need to make a decision. Invest the time to change the content so that it is “original”, or make the changes outlined at the link below to reduce the  SEO  impact of such content.

Remember, the key aspect of Accounting firm  SEO  that you want to focus on is enhancing the user experience. Duplicate content that can be found on several sites may be effective at educating a cold prospect about your firm, but it will not do you any favors with search engine marketing.

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