Ways to Make Money Utilizing Outsourcing

When it comes to making money online don’t you wish that you didn’t always have to be the one doing the work? For many people earning money online is only a dream but for others they are profiting off of it like it was a money tree. The nice thing about earning money online is that you don’t always have to be the one working, you could simply outsource everything and just be the one collecting the big checks.

Something most people don’t know is that you can outsource to people who actually speak your language and have experience in your chosen field. The biggest reason many online entrepreneurs don’t utilize outsourcing is because they think that they are ripping off people in other countries but in reality you aren’t. Take India for example, their daily pay is about $2 USD per day so if you pay them $4 USD per day you are actually doing them a huge favor.

Ways to earn money utilizing outsourcing

Hire article writers – The first way to earn cash is to use outsourcers as article writers for websites and for article directories. The only way this will work is if you find a decent outsourcer who knows your language, if not they you will have a hard time understanding their work. Something many people do is hire an outsourced writer to write 20 articles for $2 each and they then turn around and sell those articles for $5 each.

Broker deals – Something that many people do is find a few really talented article writers, link builders, website designers and hire them for work, then they go and find people who need those services and take a cut of the money. This is something you see all the time on some forums and the brokers get roughly 40% of the money just for doing the deal.

Website creators – This is something that you can easily earn money from. There are great website creators is other countries that will create anything you want if you just give them the time and money they deserve for it. For a basic website that you could spend days creating you can find people to build them with content and some   backlinks  for less than $30 USD. This is great considering you could turn around and sell that very site for upwards of $50-$100.

These are 3 very simple ways to make money utilizing outsourcing.

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