How to Build a Targeted Email List Fast – 3 Power House Ways to Build Your List at Warp Speed

If you’re reading this article then you will know that building a targeted email list is one of the best things you can do online to create a stable income and business. But of course just knowing this is not going to help you actually build a list fast.

Below, I’m going to reveal to you 3 awesome ways how to build your list super fast with targeted traffic.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are one of the most powerful traffic sources available if you want to build your list really fast. The way solo ads work is you pay another marketer a fixed amount anywhere between $30 – $1,000 and they send your Free offer out to their list sending you traffic so you can build your list.

As long as you only buy solo ads where they guarantee you clicks you will also get a certain amount of traffic sent to your page. It is then up to you to convert that traffic as best you can into a prospect or even better a customer.

Offer 100% Commission

This is a technique which many marketers don’t even think of. It’s very simple yet very powerful.

You do, of course, need a product to sell and if you do have one then all you do is contact other list owners within your niche and give them a copy of your product for free. Yes for free. You do this and then tell them that if they think that there subscribers would like the product tell them they can promote it and keep 100% of the profits.

If you do this you will be building a buyers list for free without doing anything. If you also have a good OTO (one time offer) set up you will still be able to make a profit on the back end so it’s a win, win for you


Pay per click platforms are great for building your list fast because it’s traffic on tap. As long as you have a good converting squeeze page and a good sales funnel set up your campaigns will be very profitable.

Here are a few sites to start you off. They are very good networks with very cheap clicks., and These are a few to get you started with PPC.

Now you know 3 power house ways how to build your list super fast.

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