SEO Tips For Ranking Your Websites

Many webmasters attempt to optimize their page for the search engines and eventually give up. It’s very hard to get your website ranked in Google, especially if your term is a competitive one. You have to worry about how many links to create, how fast to create them, what type of links to create and whether you should be linking to your home page, or a deeper page in your site. There are definitely a lot of questions to answer and knowing the answers ahead of time will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Search engines measure all of these different factors when computing ranking and authority. They look at how quickly links are being created, the relevancy of the links to the site or page, the amount of links being created and more. It’s important to have a solid link building strategy before you begin, to insure that you get the most out of your time and that your work is actually going to bring results.

One method is to build links to all your back links. Google puts the most power into links that have authority, so if your back links themselves are authoritative from all the back links they have received, then the link from that site to your site or page is going to be that much more powerful. This is almost like having insurance for your back links because sometimes back links will lose their power because of being stagnant or not having any back links to their page, so by building back links to your back links, you are ensuring that they will keep powering up your site for a long time to come.

The best types of links are obviously the natural kind. This looks the most natural to Google and is usually highly relevant to your site or page. Not all webmasters can afford to sit around and wait for natural links to form and sometimes it never happens. Unless you have a way to get your content seen by the masses, it’s rare that you will get much in the way of natural back links without doing some promotion of your own or building the links yourself. There are things you can do to improve this situation.

First let’s look at why you may be in this situation to begin with. If you site is not moving in the search engines and seems to be stuck in ice, it may be because of a few reasons. Your page could be stagnant; it’s simply not doing anything. You could be churning out pages and pages of content, but the quality just is not there in the content. The pages you are focusing on could have far too many outgoing links or are not crawled regularly enough. You could also be getting the wrong type of links.

To solve this issue, use the Google Wonder Wheel and type in the keyword you are trying to rank for. Take the keywords that come back and use these keywords in an author bio box with articles that you write. You guessed it; you will be doing some good old article marketing. By creating syndicated content, you will receive multiple link backs to your site for keywords that are related to your main keyword and you will effectively have a very diverse set of links coming in to your site, bringing you free search engine traffic and getting your content out to the masses.

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