Turn Search Engines & Directories into Being Your Best Friend

If you have been the owner of a website for quite some time now, you will have noticed that the majority of your website traffic comes directly from search engines and directories. I am sure in the early days of having your website, you did lots of research, spending hours of your time looking for the perfect set of instructions on how to optimise your website, submit it to the search engines, and directory submission. If you are finding yourself still sitting there searching for these golden rules, then do not worry because you are not alone. Much of the information available on the subject of  SEO  and directory submission can be extremely confusing and overwhelming.

As an  SEO  professional myself, I have reviewed hundreds of websites as part of my day to day job. Getting your website ready for search engine & directory submission will without a doubt take up plenty of your time, but this does not mean it has to be complicated. I am going to outline some simple steps which you should follow, if you are choosing to handle your search engine & directory submission alone.

o Purchase your own domain name; do not use a sub domain from a free hosting company. Setup you’re hosting with a reliable hosting company that has plenty of good feedback from existing clients. Create and build a professional website to suit your business or personal needs.

o Make sure your website navigation is clear and simple to use, creating a good site map will allow your visitors to browse your website with ease. Your website navigation should allow your visitors to move from page to page, without needing to think too much on how to find what they are looking for.

o Add original and easy to read content, which should be written in a way which makes it easy for your visitor to understand. If you are not 100% confident in your own writing skills, make sure you hire a professional copywriter. Remember, poorly written content will damage your search engine ranking and will also damage a visitor’s confidence in your website and company as a whole. This will then lead to your website driving your visitors away, instead of making them feel welcome to read more.

o The next step you should take is to perform your keyword research. This is to find the most popular and targeted keywords for your website, you can do this by using free or paid keyword tools.

o Even if your website is not yet complete, you must make it look to be complete. Never use “under construction” signs, if you are having work done to your website, then remove these blank pages and only add them to your site once they are complete.

o Search engines and directories have no time for a website which is full of broken links, so make sure you check all of your external and internal links on a regular basis, to make sure they are still fully working.

o You must check or hire a professional proof reader to check your site for grammar and spelling errors. Not only will your visitors hate to read a sloppy website, but search engines also dislike this very much.

o Install and tracking system to provide you with your website traffic statistics, so that you can analyze this on a regular basis. Without this, you will have no idea of how many people are hitting and visiting your website.

o There are many tools available to you today that allow you to check your search engine ranking and link popularity. Make sure you use these on a regular basis in order to monitor your results and progress.

Once you have completed these simple steps you will be ready to begin your search engine and directory submission. You may find this to be a very complicated and time consuming task due to the amount of different evaluations you will be expected to make, such as;

o How often will you need to submit your website?

o What is the reputation and ranking of each website?

o What are the available website topics to you?

o What information will they require from your website?

o Is the submission free or paid for?

There is software which you can purchase to help you with your search engine submission, but shop around and purchase with care as some of the software available on the market is not search engine friendly. An alternative to the above is to allow an  SEO  professional to do this important task for you, but whichever route you choose to take for your website…

Good Luck!

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