Why Writing for Traffic Is Better Than Paying for It

It seems so easy to buy traffic these days. It also seems to make sense, keyword being seems. Here is this website I built, now all I need to is send some people to it and I’ll build a list and get sales. But really your missing out on a lot more than if you created free content for traffic.

When you pay for traffic you get a slew of people viewing your website, but how do you know they’re even interested in your product? Sure Pay Per Click advertising uses keywords to help with interest, but how do you know your keywords are even the right ones to be using? Even if you do know, you spend some money and get one shot of traffic and no more unless you pay again. Why not invest the time you spend making ppc ads in something that’ll bring traffic long term?

On the internet, content is king. It can be used a hundred different ways to get you traffic. Let’s take article marketing for example. Once you write that article you have about 500-800 words that are permanently online. Once you write it you get traffic from it until you dispose of it, which maybe is never. Then you can take that article and use it as a blog post,thusly increasing its traffic grabbing potential. Not to mention you have a link back to your website which helps with search engine optimization, again free traffic.

After you’ve written a few articles you realize you have some that fit well together. So you edit them a bit and add a little more to them and BAM! You have a brand spanking new e-book. You can give away the e-book for nothing because its going to bring you traffic anyway. You have a whole section of articles you’ve written on your website, which again helps with search engine optimization and more traffic.

And then there’s the street cred that comes from all this content. Any old Joe can pay Google for an ad, but if you’ve got a bunch of articles and an e-book you must really know what your talking about. Who would you choose, “Guy You Don’t Know At All” or “Guy Who’s Articles I’ve Read and He Knows His Stuff?”

With so many ways that content will help you with traffic why waste money? All you need is a bit of time and energy. Its not hard to do. My biggest issue with it was thinking that someone else already wrote about a topic, why should I? No matter if a hundred people already wrote about your topic, its not your article. You won’t write the same article someone else will. You will have a completely unique article. Pretend no one has written anything on the subject and just roll with it. You’ll be able to write hundreds of articles.

Even though the articles are on the same topic as others people often read a few different articles on the same topic just to see what a different author has to say. It may be the same topic, but multiple authors are getting traffic from it. You can be one of them. You don’t need a degree or have to be a top shot reporter. Just speak honestly and share your knowledge. Get your first one out of the way because I guarantee it will be the hardest, and its not really hard at all.

So get writing and stop paying for traffic. Paying is the lazy way to do things and its only going to get you so far. If you really want to build a long term business, content is the way to go. Not to mention it costs you nothing.

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