How To Do Pay Per Click Marketing The Right Way – 2 Campaign Tips

Running a pay per click campaign is probably one of the fastest ways to drive massive amount of traffic to your business or website. And if you don’t already know, there are actually many different ways to setup and run a successful pay per click campaign.

Here I’m going to share 2 tips on how to setup and run a successful pay per click campaign.

Use Other Type Of Campaigns Outside Of The Traditional  PPC  Search Campaign

This may sound counter-intuitive because when people talk about pay per click marketing, they usually refer to search campaigns. Well, apart from the traditional pay per click search campaign, you can also setup different type/form of advertising campaigns. Let’s take Google AdWords for example, besides the normal search campaign, you can also setup mobile campaigns, content network campaigns, placement ads campaigns, and etc. Some of you may not know this, you can actually get way more traffic advertising via AdWords Content Network than the traditional search network. Content campaign is where your ads will be placed on other webmasters’ websites where the ads are also known as Google AdSense ads. So, don’t be afraid to explore and try out other advertising channels.

Separate Your Content And Search Campaigns

This is a continuation of the tip above, if you are running content/placement network campaign via Google AdWords, it is best to create a separate campaigns for both content network and search network. When you advertise on content network, what happen is that your ads will appear on other webmasters’ websites and this will drastically lower your ads CTR. They are different type of advertising and they need to be managed a bit differently.

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