Mike Hill – Keyword Research and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) For Beginners

N.B. This is part 2 of the author’s thirteenth teleseminar report from the “Seminars with the Experts” series hosted by Hilary Stewardson.

Internet Marketing specialist Mike Hill recognizes how beginners can be intimidated by the various skills needed to succeed online. That is why he believes that qualified mentors and coaches have a duty to demystify the terminology and break down the technical steps into manageable chunks.

Using Keyword Research to Establish Presence.

Hill offers simple advice for people struggling with keyword use and niche selection: choose a keyword or keyphrase in your niche (e.g. weight loss) and perform a search based on websites where relevant information is likely to be found. Consider the following example:

  1. “weight loss” FAQ
  2. “weight loss” Forum
  3. “weight loss” blog

Take a look at the most popular websites and key in on how experts market their products and services in your niche. Then, craft a winning plan that takes the best of what’s already out there and combine it your outstanding ideas.

Give Writing an Honest Effort!

Use article marketing with your keyword research to bolster your search engine rankings. Writing articles is far from a free ride, but there are possibilities that go way beyond the stale, plodding image of years past. Consider the following:

  1. PowerPoint-based videos (with or without voice-overs) and uploading them to YouTube and other repositories.
  2. Audio podcasts based on articles to iTunes.
  3. Text submissions to article directories, ezines, etc.

Pay-Per-Click Ideas.

Mike Hill suggests that 75% of all organic traffic generated from keywords comes from the top two positions on the first page. Achieving such a high ranking is a daunting task for seasoned professionals let alone newbies. So, are Google AdWords and other paid advertising options worth the trouble and expense?

Before spending any money, Hill suggests taking the following steps:

  • Check out the direct competition to your offers/website, so that it’s easier for your ads to get onto their pages (e.g Google AdSense).
  • Do keyword research using words with quotes, without quotes, and hard brackets.
  • Negate “free” on your filters to eliminate casual browsers and “tire clickers”.

When you are ready, Mike recommends using one keyword with two separate ads to get higher click-through rates (CTR). Tie your advertising and list-building together, since subscribers can give you feedback on things you missed or should have left out from your campaigns.

Concluding Thoughts.

Mike Hill says that people who believe entrepreneurship is the path to financial independence must embrace “business” thinking. There is no substitute for planning ahead, because money follows and rewards speed. Mike’s own breakthrough was in large part due to two years of diligent testing and performance tracking.

Unfortunately, few beginners view success as a scalable concept. As a result, most internet marketers end up with nothing to show for their efforts, or at best become one-hit wonders. Without a system to follow, activity is focused solely on the “last” best idea – not structures, plans, goals, nor strategies.

What’s the solution? Concentrate on what you are doing now…and always keep the big picture in mind. Hill recommends that we focus on communicating with others and thinking about the best way to help people. Only then will the money follow.

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