SEO – Important Things To Consider When Designing Your New Website

In this post I will explain you about some important things to consider when designing your new commercial website. I never ask you to do as I say. But these are some important things if you plan to make profits from your SEOed commercial website.

If you know graphic design and web development, you will be able to save more from developing your website by yourself. But even if you are capable of doing these, you must put a great attention on its design and user friendliness. Therefore this post is important for everyone.

The first thing you must understand is, majority of your website visitors are general people who want to purchase your product or service. These people are not aware about the web designing or graphic design. They will consider the look of your website (appearance) and how important your product or service. Your home page is the most visited web page of your website. People who visit your website first see the index page. You have to make sure that this page is very attractive and it gives the information about your product or service. Then people who are interested will definitely stay there for another few seconds may be minutes. If you have a poorly designed index page, you won’t be able to attract many visitors. You must also maintain the same template in all other pages including the error pages. And make sure that you provide all the necessary navigation help to your visitors. Otherwise they will be confused if they go to a non index page and want to return to the main page. You must put a breadcrumb in your website and put a link to your homepage in every page.

And also make sure that you don’t make the website template attractive more than required. You must be able to match your website template with your product or service. If your template doesn’t convey a message to the visitor or customer about your service or product, it will affect your website visitors. Your website design must be clean, simple and yet professional. And remember not to put your sponsors’ advertisements in a way which will confuse the customers and visitors.

If you plan to build a dynamic website, make sure that all the error handling in the dynamic processes covered. If your customer or visitor experiences errors and see error pages generated by the database server or web application server, they will definitely be confused and won’t return to your page again and will complain about it. Make sure that all the possible exceptions and error are properly handled and the user is informed in an understandable manner by using customized error pages.

Never try to make the use of  SEO  techniques that I’m going to tell in the coming posts in a way that your website will be 100% search engine friendly and optimized but not user friendly. Even though your website a  SEO  hit, you will not attract visitors. Always use  SEO  techniques in a way that it will not confuse users.

If you plan to hire a web developer, make sure that he/she understands all your requirements. And select a template before you start development. There are many free web site templates available in the internet. If you are not satisfied with those designs, you can also buy a customized design for a reasonable rate. If you purchase it from a website, there is a chance that another one can use your template. Therefore if it is affordable, I recommend you to hire a web designer, to design a customized template which will be the one and only copy, a unique one in the whole internet.

I hope that you gained some important tips to design and develop your website. In the next post, I will discuss about key word selection and page optimization which will start actual  SEO . The facts I explained you up to this post will help you to make your  SEO  effort more meaningful and successful.

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