3 Deadly Mistakes With PPC Advertising

What makes them fail? As with any marketing campaign there are a few things that can greatly hinder progress. PPC advertising is no different! Doing a little research and understanding the best ways to implement, and what to avoid will increase traffic, profit levels as well as keep people coming back for more!

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Keywords are good, but too much of a good thing can be a hindrance. Having too many keywords can lead to a huge marketing bill, something that most want to avoid! There is also something known as the quality score with search engines. If there are too many keywords it can lower this score therefore lowering ranking! Narrow the focus and this can help improve score, and keep traffic where desired. Again keywords are good, but do not flood a site or the internet with too many!

Common PPC Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes with pay per click is not tracking the results, visitors and overall traffic. Since all advertisements cost money it is best to know where traffic is coming from. The best method for a particular site can be determined and more resources can be allocated to that method. Now understand that this might not work for all sites, it can be very different making it important to track!

Sending visitors to outdated websites or not using a landing page is another huge mistake. When visitors are sending to a particular page, such as a landing page it has been proven that the conversion rate is higher. This means that these visitors are more likely to make a purchase and come back in the future!

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