Simple Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Increasing your website traffic isn’t rocket science. Everyone should know that in order to increase traffic, there is a large part of the work that must be done on your site. There are some golden rules. Read them and stick to them.

1) Build your site content around popular keywords
Most people are using keywords that somehow suite their personality. Forget that if you want to be successful. You have to predict which words are being written in search engines the most. So, if popular keywords are “celebrity, medicine, scandals, politics, sports, etc” try to write about that because there are better chance for you to find viewers. Also, make sure to do proper keyword research. Golden rule is to find keywords with high exact search count but low competition. By using those keywords, you will be able to reach first page of Google with little to no effort.

2) On-page factors
On-page factors are important because they are trying to force your traffic to stay on your blog or site. How to manage that? It’s easy, but you have to test it. Change your text font and color, place ads on different places, change sizes… Be creative and keep track of everything. If you see that something is giving you profit, keep doing it.

3) Off-page factors
Off-pages factors are in most cases   backlinks  to your website from other websites. You can do it either by yourself (adding  backlinks  to your website on other websites) or you can hope that someone else will do it.  Backlinks  affect your page ranking a lot.

4) Quality content
I can’t stress enough how much important that is. Another important thing is communication with your website visitors. They might come back just to see if they have new message so you must always let them know if you are planning to add something to the site.

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