Keyword Research For Your Site’s Content Pages

One of the most confusing parts of creating content for beginning internet marketers, is learning how to successfully choose keywords to optimize their content for. When you write content to post on your site, you are trying to accomplish two things. One, you want to create content that is full of good information that will help to educate your reader or customer, and help them find a solution to a problem. In order to do this, you need a solid understanding of the material you are writing. Second, you want the pages on your site that you create with this content, to get seen. To successfully do this, you need those pages to rank highly in the search engines.

In order for your pages to rank high, you need to choose good keywords to use to optimize that page for. Follow the steps below to do this.

1) Find good keyword research tools. You can find paid tools or free tools, whatever you are comfortable with. Just make sure that the info you get from them is as accurate as possible.

2) Create a list of about 200 keywords, all directly related to your niche.

3) Look at the number of searches each keyword gets every month. Make a list of the top twenty.

4) Analyze the competing websites that are currently ranking high for those twenty keywords. Find out how many sites there are in total, then concentrate on the top ten

5) When you look at the top tent sites, determine how hard it will be to outrank those sites. Look at how many   backlinks  are pointing to the webpage, and how strong each  backlink  is. Once you have found keywords that you believe you can rank for optimize your content for that keyword.

6) Use the exact keyword a few times in the content you write, and make sure to include it in the title of your page, and in the description of your page.

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