How to Plan For a Freelance Writing Career

Making money from home is a very achievable ambition. With a little   SEO  article writing talent and extremely precise attention to detail, the ability to begin a freelance writing career is at the doorstep of every person in the world. That freelance writing career success, however, will hinge on the planning done before the career begins.

Taking Those First Steps

The first steps in planning a freelance  SEO  article writing career will begin with a name. The name chosen as the online personage, needs to be both professional and practical. A few great choices may be speedywriter, excellentcopy or SEOwriter. The key is to use this same personage in every aspect of the business. The online name should match the website name, as well as the sign on name for every bidding website visited.

After choosing the name, the online portfolio will need to be populated. Choosing a site to house an online portfolio is the simpler part of the process. Sites like Associated Content, offer page view payments for articles placed on the site. That means the freelance writer can earn a bit of income from the first days of portfolio population.

Populating the Portfolio

Portfolio population is the most time consuming part of the freelance  SEO  article writing career process. It can take weeks, or even months to build a large online portfolio. The most important aspect of this portfolio is diversity. Showing potential clients that the writer can cover a large range of topics is vital to the success of the business.

Moving on the Acquiring Jobs for Pay

After the online portfolio is in place, the time has come to start making some money. The easiest place to start are online bidding sites. For the first few months, the bids placed will need to be low and the money made will be even lower. But, building a relationship with the clients on the site can last a lifetime. Some of the best online bidding sites include,, and

Winning over the clients on a bidding site will be about more than placing the lowest bid. The writer will find many users use the same bidding phrase over and over again. This can be a hindrance that will work to the writers advantage. Offer the client a personal message and a reason to choose the bid placed by connecting to the assignment with personal knowledge, a writing sample on the topic at hand and a friendly greeting.

Establishing an online freelance  SEO  article writing career takes time, attention to detail and perseverance. The hard work placed into the business in the first few months and even the first year will build the writer’s popularity and establish long term relationships with clients.

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