Simple SEO Techniques

Using search engine optimization is the cheapest way to attract targeted traffic to your web site. The benefits of SEO are more visitors to your site and more traffic means more income. The skills required for optimizing your site for search engines do not take a long time to learn and are certainly worthwhile if you want to maximise your earnings.

There are lots of resources for SEO available freely around the internet and it’s easy to become overloaded with information. The fundamentals of SEO are something every web master should know.

Back Links

The cheapest and quickest way to improve your search engine ranking is with back links. That is other web sites that link to your site. One effective method of getting links to your site is to do a link exchange with another web site. Contact the webmaster of a site with content related to your own site and offer to exchange links. Another method is to get your content linked to on the social networking websites and the easiest method to do this is to add a button to your content so readers can add the links for you. One popular and free button is AddThis which along with others can found using your favourite search engine.

Use Articles

Write informative articles with well researched keywords or use the articles of others. One easy way to start out is to use articles on your web site from one of the many article directories that allow it. Remember when using the articles from someone else to keep their original article and resource box intact. It’s best to create your own articles in the long run though as using the articles of others could be losing you money. Do your keyword research when writing articles and probably the best resource for keyword research is Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool. The important thing to remember with keywords is to not over do it.

Domain Name

Your domain name should be related to the topic of your website and easy to remember. Also use keyword research when deciding on what domain name to use for your web site.

Site Map

A site map for your web site will make it easier for visitors and search engines to navigate your site. It will also help in maximising the time visitors spend at your web site.

There are also many software products and services available to help with SEO. If doing it cheaply isn’t getting you the results you desire then perhaps it’s time to think of paid SEO services. Not all SEO services or software tools are expensive and it could be just what you need to move to the next level with internet marketing.

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