Is Cyber School Right For Me? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Cyber school is different from public school, but it is still school. It’s important in cyber school to be able to independently get work done because you don’t have teachers and peers that you see every day that can encourage you. Here are five questions I think you should ask yourself before you or your child considers it.

5 Question Quiz:

1. Can I motivate myself to get work done each day?

2. Do I understand concepts and lessons easily?

3. Do I struggle without a teacher explaining it to me in person?

4. Am I good at planning and scheduling out my day?

5. What else am I going to do with my extra free time?

The first question is important because even though you might have counselors, teachers and online teachers around to encourage you to get work done, you have to be very independent. Instead of sitting in a class room where a teacher can see you procrastinating or playing with your pen instead of doing work, they can’t see you do that online. It gives you a lot of freedom and tempts you to slack off.

The second and third questions are related as in can you comprehend written words or are you more of a visual learner? Many cyber schools are different, but in most you will probably encounter a lesson that tells you to read something, and then answer questions on it. This can be especially difficult in subjects like math and science where you have to work through problems that the answers aren’t found right on the page.

The fourth is something you will definitely encounter in cyber school. For my schedule I usually get up and start school at 8am and then work until anywhere between 9-12. This allows a lot of free time in the day. It’s important to not become like a sloth, and just sit around the house all day. Wasting your day away can lead to bad health and hurt your future. Let’s face it guys, we only have a little while until we’re adults, and have to live in the real world where there are things like college, careers, rent, etc.

The fifth question is the next step to the fourth question, as it asks what are you going to do with your free time? There is really a lot you can do that can turn out to be beneficial. As for myself I fill up my time by planning Sunday school lessons, picking out games for youth group and a Christian club at my school, blogging or reading. You can also do things like hiking, art, writing, running, biking, getting a job, finding a cure for various diseases, deep sea fishing, save the world…

It’s important to remember that there are still positives to Public school. You can click here to see some of the negatives of public school in my last post.

Public school allows kids to learn how to deal with situations and problems that will be encountered everywhere. People all over the world do things like fight, get jealous of one another, say rude things and gossip. For example ever go to a soccer game? You can almost always hear one of the soccer moms gossiping about their neighbor’s weird fetish of lawn gnomes. Being in high school allows you to grow using trial and error. This is awesome because in the real world trial and error can get you in big trouble.

I personally am happy that I went to public school through sophomore year because I now know how to get my point across to many different types of people, and how to handle things like ridicule or gossip.

Another perk to public school is the helpful learning environment. While some teachers may be unhelpful and waste time, other teachers can help you grasp concepts and understand subjects you wouldn’t have been able to fully understand on your own. With that thought there are also a lot more resources at your disposal each day in public school to help you get through the year very easily.

Be sure not to jump into doing cyber school. Talk it over with family, counselors and peers who have done it before making your decision. While it is a very nice alternative for some, for others it can be confusing and difficult.

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