How The Internet Can Help Your Business Grow

So here we go, let’s break down the following :

Email campaign, this can be a cheap but effective way of letting your old customers or prospective once about your new business website. If you have an old database of clients or customers, you might want to keep their files back to life and find a programmer to consolidate them and put it in a new database, have him program a short routine that will fetch all the customers from the database straight to your email program.

Submitting Ezine publication, can also be one of the most effective tool, it reaches a specific audience, see when you create an article like this, Google’s little robot spiders through all the new pages and the more people search for this topic the ‘popularity link’ of your site will increase thereby increasing traffic on your website. Not a writer? Oh, just write helpful tips or topics that you know people would be interested in, but make it a point that it always has to do something with your business or your website.

Submit Press Releases are like Ezine publication, the only difference are first, that you get more exposure with press releases because they distribute to a more well known network of websites. More popularity link, more exposure, means more traffic. There are few good FREE PR submission sites; one popular site is PRLEAP.COM, PRCOMPASS.COM and PRFREE.COM, although if you have the means to spend a little for more immediate results you can check out their upgraded services. Second difference I guess the more obvious one is that your publication or article is in NEWS format (yes press release get it?) it had to be formatted like that, so best way is to do is go to these sites and check out some PR releases that they have done so you can get a feel of what or how you are going to write your own PR News.

Ah of course, never forget ‘all roads lead to Google’, this maybe true in terms of online advertising, wait why do you think they have billion dollars in revenue every year?. Don’t get me wrong , Google is not the only company where you can do online advertising or help your   SEO  (Search Engine Optimization so the next time someone searches a keyword that describes your business’ website you land on the top 3 results), there are also competing sites such as, and others that offer this kind of services. Basically, they want you to keep a minimum balance of $50.00 / month credits (recommended) and every time someone clicks on your ad (they go to your site) Google and other companies deducts certain amount of money until you run out of ‘credits’.

So now you have options on how to build and draw traffic to your site and create more business. But Before I end this, I’m going to leave you with one last advise, yes last but good one, Google, has a lot of tools to help you evaluate your site status meaning (popularity, hits, pageviews , unique visitors etc) complete with all graphics and reports, I suggest you use them and take advantage of critical data that will help you improve your website and visitor experience. This is called Google Analytics and best thing is? they’re FREE.

So next time you think about driving more business into your website, try out the abovementioned tips and you will see difference in the traffic on your site (business).

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