Why AdWords Works For Some Small Businesses

For many small businesses, a paid advertising strategy simply works better than a long term search marketing campaign. It doesn’t make sense for everyone, but for some it is the right fit.

A long term search marketing approach has a world of advantages beyond just coming up more relevantly within internet searches, but it also has drawbacks. The time required can be fairly extensive and if you hire out for this it can be costly. If you do it in house it will be just as costly when you factor in hours spent working towards it.

So why do some firms just rather spend money now and on a regular basis placing ads in front of internet users. For this article I will be solely focused on search engine advertising, like Google AdWords.

Paid search advertising provides an immediate impact for the small business or advertiser. There is not month after month delay like there can be with search engine optimization. Once an ad is put in place you can start seeing results. Whether they are clicks, leads, conversions, or just simply impressions, there are some tangible quantitative results.

The ads have the ability to be put directly in front of potential customers. I’ll get to this big point a little farther on, but it has a huge impact. From a small business’ standpoint, the tradeoff for not having to wait for things to work themselves out can be tremendously beneficial.

Time spent waiting is money lost in many instances, and with paid advertising there is very little of this. You get to see results right away and don’t feel like your waiting around for something that isn’t coming.

Another reason a small business might adopt a paid search advertising strategy is simply because of time constraints. As I just said, the delay for a search engine optimization campaign can be months, and time lost now might be detrimental to their long term success.

Maybe they don’t have months to wait around so they prefer to be seen right now. They likely understand that in advertising, you have to spend money to make money, so it makes sense from a timing perspective.

Another problem we have seen with deferring from a long term search engine optimization strategy is the fact that some businesses are seasonal. They thrive during some months and sit very quite and patiently during others. This does not hold true for all, but for some small businesses, especially those service related it can be an issue.

In this way, the advertising can be ramped up for the busy months and slowed or even stopped during the slow months. Inversely, it can be slow when business is booming naturally, and picked up when things are slow and you need to keep your business a float with any work available.

It provides greater flexibility in this regard than other types of search marketing, and for some can really be the key factor in choosing one or the other.

One of the best advantages of a paid advertising or pay per click campaign is the analytics provides. We’ll use Google AdWords as an example here. The wealth of statistics and figures your can see regarding your campaign is tremendous. Tie this in with Google Analytics and you get a great view of what’s going on with your advertising and website.

Sure you can see much of this in regards to your SEO campaign, but it also provides loads of insight to how effective your advertising is. You can see exactly how many people are clicking on your ads, and getting sent to your site on various levels.

The time or day, where they are coming from, what they are searching, and many more details are all clearly laid out with the built in dashboard. This allows you a small business, or me as a marketer using the platform to optimize the ads to have the most impact.

Selecting which keywords or phrases are getting the most clicks or converting best is an ongoing battle. Improving your scores so you place higher among the other ads as well as keeping costs down are things that can constantly be improved upon.

It’s actually quite nice to have so much control and direction with something that can have such a big impact for a small business. Yes, you have to pay to be able to do this, but if your return on investment is positive then what’s to lose. Over time you will only get better and so will your advertisements.

Lastly, maybe the rationale is that they can’t deal with a blog or search engine optimization campaign at the moment. Both these things take some time, and not everyone has that precious commodity. Maybe their topic is too mundane to write about regularly or they are just poor authors.

Whatever the reasoning may be, good thing there is such a great alternative in paid advertising campaigns that allow them to keep up with others taking a different route.

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