4 Easy Steps To Build a Profitable Affiliate Business

Many people wanted to earn money online using affiliate programs, but most of them did not know how they can start, what they should do. The famous question that asked by most newbie marketer is ‘how’ they can actually earn money from affiliate programs?

So is there any basic formula which you can follow to profits from your online business? Yes, there are, and as long as you stick with these basic steps, you can profit from your affiliate business over and over again.

1. Identify Your Interest

Yes, many people actually ignore this because they think that this is not important. Let me ask you this, do you think that you can create something profitable by doing something that you hate? That will be crazy, simply because whenever you face any setbacks, you are going to give up, because you don’t have any interest in it!

Therefore, in order to build a long-term affiliate business, you must choose a market which you have interested with. Just imagine that you are doing something that you love to do, and in the same time, make money from it. This way, you can kill two birds with just one stone; it is win-win situation.

2. Locate Your Profitable, Niche Market

The next step will be locating your market. Since you have chosen your interest, then you will now try to narrow down your market, make it niche. So how can you do this? Take ‘sports’ for example. Now, ‘sports’ is definitely a huge market, you should narrow it down into, maybe ‘golf’. Remember, it depends on where your interest is. After that, try to further narrow your market, like ‘golf swing’. This is what I called niche market. You have to make your market small if you want to profits from it, or else you will have to compete with other big player in the field.

What about profitable market then? You can always check for your market’s profitability by doing some research. Just search for your market keywords in Google, and see whether there are any sponsored ads. If there are any, means that the market is profitable. This is because people are willing to spend money to market their website, which suggest that they are making money from it, or else they will be losing money, right? Right.

3. Market Your Affiliate Products

So you have found out what you like and you have identified your market. What you should do now is to look for an affiliate product to promote. Simply visit ClickBank for affiliate products; there are tons of them there. Just choose one which is more famous, higher payout, and has a good sales page.

After that, all you need to do now is just to market your affiliate link. There are a lot of ways you can market your link, and the best way will be by using a lead capture page. You have to capture your visitor’s email, because most people are not going to buy from you the first time they come to your website, or your merchant’s website. That is why you have to capture their email, for follow up purposes and back-end sales.

It is a must to build a list of subscribers, if you don’t have one today, go and get one now. You can manage your list by using an autoresponder. Once you have your lead capture page up and have your own autoresponder, it is time to drive traffic. Driving traffic can be classified into two categories, the long-term and the short-term traffic driving strategies. The short-term traffic driving strategies is just like forum marketing,   PPC  marketing, classified ads, traffic exchange, etc. While for long-term traffic driving strategies, they are like article marketing and direct link building.

What can you do then is choose both of the methods, the long-term method and the short-term. However, make sure that you are just majoring in one. What I mean here is that, you can run  PPC  marketing and article marketing at the same time, but make sure that you just focus in one of them. Traffic generation is where most people will give up, so if you can break through this, you will reach the next step.

4. Reap Your Rewards

If you follow the system, you should now receiving checks from your affiliate merchants. I know it may sounds easy, but this is how exactly it works. So don’t make it complicated and stay with the basics. You can now track your sales and traffic, try to play with your system, make your conversion rate higher and drive more traffic to your lead capture page.

These are the 4 easy steps to build a profitable affiliate business. I hope that this will give you the big picture of how affiliate marketing actually works. So don’t wait, and take massive of actions now.

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