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WordPress. One small word for one very powerful blogging solution. Even though we are big fans of blogging, we really wondered where did this weird term originate?

Peter Merholz is a founding partner, board member, and president of Adaptive Path; a user experience consultancy company. The original term was of course weblog, which was coined by Jon Barger, in 1997. The term weblog was lightheartedly split in two words We Blog by Peter Merholz, founding partner, board member and President of Adaptive Path in April/May 1999. Evan Williams, of Pyra Labs, developed the term into both noun and verb (as in “a blog” and “to blog”) and coined the phrase, “Blogger”. So there ya go.

To be successful with blogging we believe you need to “keep it personal”. A one-way blog that gets little to no comments coming back is basically a “dead page”. When you first post this original content you may enjoy a brief moment of organic search mojo but this will quickly dissipate over time. One of the toughest things to do with your blog is to keep it interesting. Keep it current. We know, because we have personally experienced a very “hit and miss” history with all of our blogging strategies. What can you possibly say each and every day anyway?

We suggest you consider hiring an outside blog writing source to help get you started unless you have a very large team of creative writers at your beckon call like they do on the most popular blog, The Huffington Post. You should be able to get a quality blog written for approximately $50 and can sometimes get quantity discounts as well. It is important to keep your blog content somewhat short and to the point while including videos, audio and photos in your posts will really help you attract a regular audience. We try, whenever possible, to find blogs that we like and then try to reverse engineer those to see how we can always do better.

You can even use a WordPress blogging site as a “normal website” when you learn how to customize the content using CSS, PHP includes and XHTML best practices.

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