Internet Marketing – Characteristics of a Successful Internet Marketer

Some folks think that there is some form of magic that brings success to an Internet marketer. That kind of thinking originates in the thinking that an Internet business is different from a normal store front business like your grandfather’s carpet store. Here are some characteristics of a successful Internet marketer:

1. The successful Internet marketer is first Business Minded.

I have a friend who owns a grocery store that he bought from his brother-in-law. When I go into his store, he is always energized and enthusiastic about his business. One minute he is on the store speaker system saying that there are specials on cucumbers, pizza and toilet paper. Then he is taking a special order from Mrs. Customer for a case of sliced peaches. Next, he is calling the newspaper checking on the insert that will be out in Friday’s paper. He is like that rabbit that never runs out of gas. He is a successful marketer because he is business minded.

2. The successful Internet marketer is Educated.

No, he doesn’t have a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics or The History of Art. But he is educated in business. He understands that he must fulfill a need of his customers by providing quality products.

J C Penny knows that you need shoes. Each store has a shoe department with every kind of shoe that folks in the neighborhood of the store look for. Yes, the merchandise for a store in Scranton is different from that for a store in Seattle.

I worked in a shoe department in a store west of Denver when I was trying to earn a second income before I went back to graduate school to study that same Quantum Mechanics I mentioned above. Our store had different inventory than a store on the east side of Denver.

The successful Internet marketer knows that he has competition and that he must understand that competition to compete with him in the marketplace. He knows that good service can compensate for a higher priced product. If he gives free shipping, that might be just enough to make the sale. To lessen the competition, he looks for a niche market that he can service so that he doesn’t have to compete with J C Penny.

He also knows something about the personality of his customer. He knows that be can be impulsive, greedy, sexy, vane, miserable, happy, charming, tricky, vindictive, and you name it. Maybe he can pray on such a characteristic by telling Ugly Nell that the new “New Face” cream will remove her wrinkles and that mole under her eye in just a few days; that Harry can have his car running on water in a flash by installing the new Hydrogen from Water Conversion Kit.

3. The successful Internet marketer is Organized.

To me, that means that he has a short-range and a long-range plan. He knows that to obtain his long-term goals he must complete short-term tasks. He plans for the next year, the next week, the next day, the next hour.

Long-Range Plan: To build a business focusing on Coin Collection and Coin Collectors

Short-range Plan: Find products for said business, evaluate the products and then market them on the Internet

Short-Term Task: Build a web site. Drive traffic to the website by PPC, article writing, etc.

4. The successful Internet marketer does not Procrastinate.

Continually putting things off contributes to failure. If you are unsure of yourself, of the actions you should take, or just down right lazy, you may procrastinate. This goes back to education. You need to learn what you need to do and how to do it. Then you will be more comfortable with a task and you will do it.

5. The successful Internet marketer Associates with Other Marketers.

The guru types feed on each other, selling each other’s products. (Stay away from gurus. They are your competition, not your allies.) You can associate with other marketers on forums or in Internet business communities.

My friend who owns the grocery store is probably a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International and such. He takes trips to China and Australia with other successful grocers.

I guess you know that Bill Gates hangs out with Warren Buffet.

6. The successful Internet marketer is Honest.

There are plenty of crooks in this world. Don’t join them to make a buck. Provide quality and reliable products and services and back them up. The old adage that the customer is always right is a good one to remember. If you anger a customer, he will damage your reputation and cost you money.

I’m sure that there are other characteristics of the successful Internet marketer, but I hope this article will help you get started on your way to success.

Fly Old Glory!

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