Common SEO Myths And How To Avoid Them

SEO information abounds on the Internet, the shelves of bookstores and just about anywhere you look or listen these days. One thing common to most SEO myths is somebody, somewhere, is usually profiting from them. Therefore, don’t expect these myths to go away soon. Educate yourself and learn to separate fact from fiction with the following tips:

Myth Number 1: Site-wide linking will benefit your site.

When you list a link on every page of your website you are not doing yourself any favors. It gives the impression of artificial content specifically designed to garner rankings, rather than giving users a good experience and good information. Site-wide linking can cause your site to be ignored. Include a single link in a relevant position for the best results.

Myth Number 2: The more meta tags, the merrier.

For a long time meta tags were a very handy tool for web masters: users would enter words into a search engine and your site would be listed as a result of the meta tags used. Eventually this process turned into a mega-spamming tactic and search engine algorithms no longer permit it. Currently, your best options are tactical use of title tags and meta description tags. Also, consider using meta robot tags to control spider access.

Myth Number 3: Using black hat strategies is helpful.

This myth has seen significant badgering recently with the updates to Google’s algorithms. Although, in theory, black hat methods may hold promise; in practice, they are more apt to get your site penalized, de-indexed and even black listed. Your prospective customer doesn’t enter into the scenario if the tactics employed meet with negative reactions from major search engines.

Myth Number 4: Results are instantaneous and success is immediate.

These over-used terms should be stricken from all sites discussing legitimate SEO strategy. Just as with a brick and mortar business, hard work precedes success and nearly always over time, rather than over night. Believing a fortune can be made in 30 days and for less than the price of your favorite latte has resulted in far more disappointments than realized expectations. Be prepared to work for success in SEO and understand it must be cultivated and maintained continuously.

Myth Number 5: What worked yesterday will work today.

The Internet and all its governing rules are not set in stone. It is a place in constant motion, and success will only be achieved by those with the ability to adapt and change with it. SEO must be followed like the stock market, where sudden shifts and long-term forecasts dictate the day, not the life-span of a business.

Myth Number 6: King of the SEO Hill is a permanent position.

You work hard to achieve a high ranking with search engines, do everything by the book and establish yourself as numero uno. So that’s where you stay, right? Wrong. As you already know, SEO is constantly changing and you cannot rest on an acquired position. Like an athlete in the Olympics, somebody else is constantly aiming for your spot or to beat your record. If you can achieve a high SEO ranking, you must work just as hard at keeping it as you did at earning it.

Avoiding myths in SEO is vital to your Internet success. Stay current and accurate with your SEO updates and methods to ensure a favorable and profitable future.

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