Lead Generation for MLM – Facebook Marketing

When it comes to lead generation for your MLM or Home Business, one of the most powerful tool that is buzzing around the internet is Facebook marketing. This marketing strategy has been the favorite tool of MLM rockstars to brand themselves on the internet and building relationship with people in their niche.

So what’s with Facebook?

Facebook is a free social networking site or social media. With 500 million active users and still counting, there is no way you can’t find and make friends with a bunch of like minded people, share some tips and learn from each other. Facebook has two kinds of users, social users and business users. The more you can integrate and intertwine the two, the better tool this will be for you.

Two ways of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing comes in two methods, one that requires money but less time to market and the other cost time but doesn’t involve money.

Paid Method (Facebook   PPC ) – Like Google, Facebook also provides a Pay Per Click ( PPC ) service for advertisers. You will see these advertisements at the right side of your Facebook account. Once you click the advertisement, you could be redirected to a fanpage or a website. Then the advertiser get charged by Facebook with a cost per click. This method is best suited for people with a marketing budget because its costs.

The paid side of Facebook Marketing is a very powerful source of traffic for your site, blog, fanpage and any form of landing page. The key is to use a persuasive message that is related to your niche with an eye grabbing image that gets the attention of your targeted audience. You should incorporate some closing techniques on your sales letter, site or any kind of landing page because you don’t want your visitors to leave you and never come back again. If you’re doing it right, the clicks from your ads will most likely convert into a new customer.

Free Method – This is the most popular method in Facebook Marketing that is used by internet marketers. You can do this by using your Facebook account (social or business) and socialize/make friends with people in your desired niche. If you don’t have a marketing budget or don’t want to spend some money on Facebook  PPC , then you can use this free method. You must be aware that you need to spend a lot of time and effort of doing it.

Since Facebook is a free social media, many internet marketers have misunderstood the concept of the word “SOCIAL”. A lot of them are trying to spam their opportunity and product down to the throat of their friends via their wall. Adding friends just to pitch your opportunity by posting links of your company’s site wouldn’t give you a positive result, instead they will treat you as an affiliate marketer who just wants to take money from you or worse. Your post should be something that is helpful and informative, brand yourself as a real person and a leader that can provide solution to their problem.

Using both methods

Incorporating these two methods of Facebook marketing can skyrocket your business to its full potential. It’s not necessary to use both ways, you can just master one of the two methods at first. But if you want to dominate with Facebook Marketing, start integrating the two.

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