What’s New on the Horizon in PPC?

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Nothing ever stays the same, and to keep ahead of the game you’ll have to think about adapting your PPC campaign to take advantage of the latest trends in Internet usage. If you keep doing the same old things you’ll likely miss out on new marketing opportunities that your rivals will exploit. Consider changing your PPC services to make the most of these chances before it’s too late.

Higher Costs

When the first PPC ads appeared, there was very little competition for the keywords and so the cost per click was pretty low. But over time more and more competition entered the market and the cost per click has steadily climbed. The recent merger of Bing and Yahoo also means that there is less choice of search engines to run your campaign. After the merger, the cost per click increased by about 15% nearly overnight. This means that you will get less PPC services for your money. As always, you will need to look at allocating more money or find a way to get more for your budget.

Local Ads for Local People

The Internet might be expanding into every walk of life all over the world, but at the same time it’s growing more local. There are more ways of accessing the Internet from everywhere, including laptops with Wi-Fi, tablets and more importantly smartphones. From these devices people can browse the Internet from everywhere, which gives a PPC agency plenty of opportunity for new business ideas for targeting local ads. Surfers can now find directions from where they are to your business in a matter of seconds as well as promotional material, directions and much more. And while a lot of people still like to hand their money over the counter in exchange for their products, once they realize that if there’s a problem you’re right around the corner, you’ll have a golden opportunity to increase the conversion rate from your next PPC campaign.

Anyone, Anywhere

Mobile devices, especially smartphones and more recently hand-held tablets, are becoming increasingly popular for accessing the Internet. Mobile users perform different searches than normal Internet users. That’s why it will be important for your PPC professional to use the analytics in order to target your PPC campaign at mobile users.

Social Media

The Facebook juggernaught seems unstoppable at the moment. There are currently 600 million users and that rate is climbing steadily. You simply can’t consider a PPC campaign at the moment that doesn’t take advantage of the vast amount of personal data stored for each of these users. Your PPC agency should be able to advise you about how to run a campaign that targets the subset of Facebook users whose interests coincide with yours. By advertising solely to your target market, you’ll increase the chances of a click-through and that should reflect in an increased return on your advertising investment.

The Internet hasn’t stood still since it first appeared and new developments and trends are continually creating new opportunities for PPC services to reach potential customers. By aiming your ads at each of these niche areas you could find yourself in the prime position to grab hold of people and make them your customers.

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