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The Importance of Listing & Planning

Listing and planning are highly important when it comes to any business, especially an online business. You should set up your own checklist of what you have to do with search engine optimization.

Go through an On-Page check-list – Seo Expert Advice

For your on page checklist you want to make sure that:

– You have done adequate keyword research

– Optimize every page for a particular long-tail keyword in order to get visitors to that web-page

– Put most important keyword in the domain if possible

– Put tons of keywords in the meta-tags, H1 Title tags, H2 Title tags, and throughout the article, especially the beginning

– When requesting links, make sure you use long-tail keywords as anchor text

Go Through Your Off-page Checklist – SEO Advice

– Off-page checklist is quite different, it is very important that you request as many links as possible

– Make sure the links are from websites with high page rank

– Remember: Quality is more important than quantity, a back-link from a page-rank 8 or 9 site is by far much better than back-links from 100 page-rank 1 sites

– Be patient, search engine optimization can take time. Some may see instant results, but if you don’t do not be discouraged! Continue to work hard.

Avoid Duplicate Content

This is especially important, because your web-page can be penalized & put in the supplemental results. This means that Google will only show your web-page in the keyword results if there’s absolutely no other sources. The best way to avoid duplicate content is by creating your own fresh unique content

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