How To Start PPC Campaign From Scratch

Pay-Per-Click is one of the most easiest and popular ways of getting targeted visitors to a website from search engines or other websites. It has been one of the best tactics to get better return on investment.  PPC  is no more an alternative to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it is an essential part of strategy for any website; be it an ecommerce portal, a corporate website or b2b information portal, they all need to do  PPC  advertising to be in front of their prospective customers.

If you are a small business, starting out in web marketing, it would be better to hire a  PPC  Consultant that knows all the technicalities and industrial jargons. By hiring a consultant, you need to pay his / her consultancy fees, but you will make sure that your advertising money is utilized properly and not wasted on unnecessary clicks.

Here are few basic yet useful tips to follow when starting a new Pay Per Click campaign from scratch:

Set Goals

It’s better to define your goals beforehand, even before starting a campaign. You should know what you want to achieve from this campaign. The goals can be different according to the website, may be you want to sell products if it’s an ecommerce portal, or you want to generate leads if it’s a corporate website. Whatever the goal may be, it should be defined well in advance, and communicated with your  PPC  consultant, so that you both are on the same page.

Know Your Product & Market

It’s easier said than done! Seems very obvious, but you need to understand your product and target market really well to get the best out of  PPC  Campaign. You are going to sell your product by showing very few words, or sometimes the image or banner, so you need to make sure that you show and highlight your USP (Unique Selling Point) to attract customers.

It’s very important to target the correct market which has the power to buy. E.g. if you are selling gifts for her, you need to target men who will be buying the gifts. You can segregate your audience using age, gender, marital status etc. Targeting the right market is one of the most critical and time consuming part of marketing, but once done, you are going to reap its benefits for long time to come.

Try Google AdWords First

Google holds the highest market share of them all. So, trying out with Google will not only allow you to taste the waters, but also allow you to formulate your future strategy. As AdWords will give you the data that can be used for other search engines as well, it will be a good idea to try AdWords first. Also it’s very easy use and start a campaign in Google AdWords.

Seek Professional Support

A dedicated  PPC  management service companies are ready to help you with their years of experience and sound technical knowledge. If it all sounds too complicated and technical, hiring a professional  PPC  consultant or agency is a good idea. They work on different campaigns from different industries, so they have vast experience on how to get more clicks in fewer budgets. They can also increase the number of conversions and get more business to you.

Review & Revise

It’s a continuous process, you have to keep an eye on best performing keywords & ads, and keep looking for betterment. It might be possible that some of the keywords that you have targeted in the beginning are very generic and spending too much money, so you can revise and add more specific keywords which will get better targeted users to visit your website. You have to periodically review the campaign and see where it can be improved.

Once you are familiar with AdWords, and getting used to Pay Per Click Management, you should try other  PPC  platforms like Bing, Facebook and Linkedin. For different industries and niches, different  PPC  platforms work better, so you should choose that carefully and evaluate which one is working best for you!

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