7 Strategies to Generating Backlinks to Your Home Business Online

 Backlinks  simply means links that are pointing back to your website from other websites. The more  backlinks  you have the better the chances you stand to generating a high traffic flow to your home business online website.

Let’s get started with the 7 effective ways to creating massive  backlinks  to your online home business website.

1. Article writing and distribution is one of the most effective ways to generating  backlinks . All you need to do is write articles on your market niche and post them to online article directories. You can go for free distribution with good article directories like EzineArticles.com or Articlebase.com. You can also opt for the paid distribution services if you have the budget. This of course, will take a lot of work load off your shoulders and they are very effective.

2. Posting on other people’s blogs is a fast and valuable way of creating  backlinks  to your website. Again, look for blogs of similar themes, this way you can be sure of getting targeted traffic. Post only on blogs that allow you to include your website link. You can even write the text link you want linking back to you in the “Your Name” column of the comment form.

3. Social bookmarking. Write articles or blogs and post them to social directories. Known as social bookmarking, this is an effective way to creating  backlinks . You can submit to as many social directories as you like. There are paid services to do this. If you’re on a budget, a good free service you can use is Pingler.com. They distribute your blog posts or articles out to more than 80 social directories with the click of a button.

4. Participate in forums and create signature files that link back to your home business online website. Your signature file can contain the keywords or keyword phrases that your website is optimized for. Search engines love this.

5. The next time you are requested to write a testimonial to help out on a product launch, do it. This can give you good traffic and  backlinks  as well. Hey, if the sales letter does not generate traffic at least you have a link back to your online business site.

6. Exchanging links with other site owners of the similar niche. This will give your site better quality links as opposed to traffic. Search engines love this and can help boost your ranking up the search engines ranking.

7. Paying for the links. This include Google AdWords, pay-per-click services and buying advertising spaces in other people’s websites or blogs. These are some of the paid services you can subscribe to if you have the budget. They can provide you almost instant traffic for a price.

These are some of the proven and effective tactics you can use to boost traffic and quality  backlinks  to your home business online. Well, I have just given you seven strategies you can use to boost traffic to your website. It’s now up to you to put in the work.

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