Google Does Not Show Accurate Backlinks

If you are not then you can be sure that your competitors are and that’s why they’re always outranking you. You need to create several articles each week and syndicate them (and roll out other link building techniques we’ll discuss in this book) – and you need to do it week after week after week – it shouldn’t stop (outsource it if you need to or just want to free up some time). You want to employ every effective link building technique in the book and continually work at it. But always remember to keep your expectations in check.

Remember that what you do today to generate an incoming link – the true impact it will have in the search engines is going to take several months – and if you sit and wait, and the result is not good, you are shooting yourself in the foot by wasting time. The end result is that you will forever be chasing the elusive top search engine rankings. Above all else, if you ever find yourself getting impatient, say to yourself quietly… Good Things Take Time…and then get back to work, the results will come.

This is confusing area for a lot of people. It can become disheartening to build a lot of incoming links, only to see they don’t appear in Google. Often you will end up questioning if whatever it is you are doing is actually working. What you need to understand is that Google does not show accurate  backlinks . They used to, but they stopped doing this as it became dead easy to “reverse engineer” other peoples link building campaigns.

Any webmaster could simply analyze the  backlinks  of their high ranking competitors and see exactly why they were ranking as they were. They could see where these websites had incoming links from. How those websites were linking to them. A webmaster then simply needed to implement their own link building campaigns as close to those as possible to achieve success. So a few years ago Google stopped showing all  backlinks  to websites.

The “public reason” was that they felt general internet users would nott need to use this search syntax anyway. They would nott be interested in seeing who links to whom – only webmasters would. Common sense dictates that the “real reason” was due to the “reverse engineering” problem above. It is not a wild coincidence, given the huge amount of different sources and methods of searching Google and how they pride themselves on providing accurate search results that they simply choose to not provide accurate results in this particular area.

In fact, It is one of the very few things Google has ever “revoked” in terms of functionality. Now instead, they show only a very small random sample of incoming links. To check the incoming links Google does show to your own (or any) website, you can type the following search term into Google……obviously using your own domain name there.

However, understand that is just a totally random sample. It does not mean these are “high valued”  backlinks  or better than any other  backlink  you might have. It is totally random. Also understand that the random sample is always much smaller than the true bigger picture (unless you haven’t started building  backlinks  yet of course).

Just as an example… I have one website that I know, as a fact, has over 150,000 incoming links pointing to it. Yet, if I use the above search query in Google, it shows only 141 results. I have another website that I know, as a fact, has around 7,000 incoming links pointing to it. Yet, if I use the above search query in Google, it shows only 113 results. Both of these websites have tremendously high search engine rankings, dominating their respective niche markets for highly desirable keyword terms.

I also guarantee that they would not be doing so if they just had those 141 or 113 incoming links pointing to them. However, just because Google is not going to show you all of your  backlinks  it DOES NOT MEAN that they aren’t taking every single link out there into consideration. They are. Google knows about every single incoming link out there.

They’re found (and re-found) and evaluated (and re-evaluated) as the Google search engine spider continually crawls the internet. Every single link you build is helping to improve your search engine rankings in Google – full stop. Do not because disillusioned just because you don’t see them appear when using this search syntax in Google. Most of the links you build will not show in Google and never will. However Google does know about them and takes them all into consideration.

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